About John

My story

I like to consider myself a professional problem solver, it’s been the common thread in all my jobs for over 25 years. I’ve had a successful career transforming complex problems into effective, efficient and empowering solutions. I’m able to see critical patterns in the midst of incomplete information, disorganization, chaos and emotion and quickly see natural solutions within these patterns. Using this vision paired with the ability to clearly communicate these views while offering solution places me in a position to be a sought-after advisor for individuals and businesses of all sizes in a wide variety of industries.

In my past life, before becoming a coach and Vistage chair, I founded and operated two different technology focused companies. In both cases I moved on after selling my ownership interest. Through these businesses I worked to problem solve and provide solutions to organizations including Nissan, Industrial Equipment, Caterpillar, Jostens, Cargill, TruGreen, ServiceMaster and AMG (acquired by Lincoln Financial).  I have also held leadership positions with TruGreen and Yusen Logistics… so, I get it!! 

Through all of my professional experiences I have learned, and I truly believe, that in order to problem solve effectively and create change that sticks, it is essential to engage not only everyone who has an interest in the outcome, but everyone who is affected by the results as well. 

 Ultimate success of an initiative needs commitment from all involved, but it is necessary to have commitment and ‘buy-in” from all levels of management; this requires effective leadership. This belief drives me to dedicate myself to the ongoing study of leadership, communication and the dynamics of human relationships. 

In my coaching practice, at the individual, peer group and business level I am diligent in my effort to develop skills to build deeper, stronger, more fulfilling relationships; this is also my goal for everyone and every organization I work with.

I am passionate about working with others to help make your business and your life everything you imagined it to be. I know that can sound unattainable and unrealistic at times. But I know it’s both attainable and realistic. I also know that it’s not possible without help, guidance and encouragement along the way. We cannot get to where we want to be alone. We all need help and a guiding hand along the way. That is what I am here for… Helping you see your path is clear and your goals are attainable, that is my dream and I am attaining it, so you can too. I am committed to being with you as you navigate your way.

Feedback & Reviews

Here are some comments made by individuals I have worked with along my journey.

” I value John’s coaching and mentoring as I grow my business. He provides excellent insight and guidance, and I highly recommend his training and coaching services to an executive looking to improve and grow their business. “

Cindy Ogden

” There are some days where the motivation just isn’t there. Which is why having someone to help you stay on track is crucial. I personally found that being a part of a group like Vistage and just having other peers I can talk to is tremendously beneficial. “

Steve Phipps

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.