Working through what keeps you stuck . . .

will open any door that blocked you in the past.

What I do

I do one-on-one coaching, peer group facilitation as well as custom programs for businesses. You can choose to work with me in one, or all three capacities.  

The correct tools and knowledge with the support and guidance to implement change are essential for growth and success. Together we will get you the  tools you need, the knowledge to use them and the courage to implement them. 

In the process, we will get the roadblocks of fear, insecurity and uncertainty out of your way.

Peer Group

Join one of my peer groups. These group are made up of individuals who are looking for a place to gain guidance and support while working through their path to keep moving forward. Come learn and brainstorm with us.


When you are not sure of the next steps, or not sure exactly how to take them. I am here to work together with you to not only make a plan, but actually implement you plan. We will navigate around your fears and eliminate the obstacles along the way.


After meeting to discuss the issues and limitations you are experiencing in your business. I will build a custom program to strengthen your team, and in-turn, the business you always imagined.

Want to talk?

Click on the button below to send me a message and I will get you on my schedule.

My e-Books & Resources

I am in the process of working on a series of e-Books to help further develop and implement the skills to live a life without limits. In the meantime, please check out our library of resources including:
Books, Movies, Music, Ted Talks, Videos and Articles.


“ I cannot give a strong enough recommendation as to John’s character and ability. He has a unique talent for being able to present difficult subjects in both visual and simple terms. ”

Ed Reiner.-President Business Development at Turtle Enterprises

My story

I am passionate about working with others to help make your business and your life everything you imagined it to be. I know that can sound unattainable and unrealistic at times. But I know it’s both attainable and realistic. I also know it’s not possible without help, guidance and encouragement along the way. We cannot get to where we want to be alone. 

We all need help and a guiding hand along the way… that is what I am here for. 

Helping you see that your path is clear and your goals are attainable, that is my dream and I am attaining it, so you can too… I will be with you as you navigate your way..

If you shift your mindset, you will shift your life and accomplish more than you ever imagined.