Movies about Business Strategies

Recommended movies about Business Strategies...

I have put together some movies about Business and what it takes to be flexible and open to the voice of others in order for your business to be successful. These movies have helped me or have been recommended to me. I feel that in order to be successful in your business, you need to be willing to relate to other people’s stories. You need to be able to step outside your life and see things through someone else’s eyes from time to time.¬†

Twelve Angry Men

Possibly my all-time favorite film, Twelve Angry Men is a brilliant courtroom drama that has several layers of insight on leadership, the psychology of group behavior, and conflicting value systems. This is a must watch and will leave you thinking about the way you make important decisions. Topics covered: negotiations techniques, persuasion methods, conflict resolution and consensus building

Office Space

This American comedy that perfectly satirizes corporate culture of a 1990s software company, touching upon work relationships and office politics. It's a good laugh and will definitely get you thinking about leadership, team-building techniques, and career development. Topics covered: corporate culture, mentoring, career development, leadership, work-life balance, personnel retention, team-building techniques and management of information technology

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